Our Story.

Mapco was established in 2011 and Mr Mohammed Abdurrahman Al Arfaj holds the position of CEO. The company became the franchise holder of an Australian brand (The Crepe Café) in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia. Started from scratch, we have developed to open its 4 branches in 5 years. As rapidly growing company, we became the franchise holder of Spur Corporation in 2016 and opened the first branch of Rocomamas in 2017.

We opened our local based first Restaurant in Dammam, with the name of Jeleep in 2016. It quickly became the most talked restaurant in Dammam, shocking the city with its creativity and eccentricity due to its unique design and innovative dinning concept. Within one year, we have opened its second branch in Khobar as expanding rapidly.

We have developed to open 6 branches and opening 3 more branches while getting very good credit and building a company structure that makes us ready and on tract for confronting the challenges and opportunities in the food and beverages industry aggressively.

Our team started from the business owner himself and expanded to cover business development and Operations along with Financing, HR & Purchasing team who can lead the way for further innovation and development in the exciting and challenging industry of hospitality business.


Building a concept that is appealing as delicious, fresh and healthier yet cheaper than rivals in the fast food industry are. However, our concept will be easy to execute with the minimum cost and execution time in small locations anywhere. 


To excel as a big chain and a major provider in the low cost fast food business..

Our Team

Mr. Mohammed Abdurrahman Alarfaj graduated with the degree of accounting from Australia. With a passion for the culinary world, he set out to travel across Australia and South Africa to gain experience and discover new brands and trends in the food & beverage arena. His commitment and thrive for perfection enabled him to acquire the right knowledge and expertise to start his own business. Upon his return to Saudi Arabia, Mr Mohammed Abdurrahman Alarfaj dedicated to paving way to excellence in the hospitality field. With the continuous success, he aims to develop even further by constantly opening more branches and new branches. His ambition is to create a new and innovative vision in hospitality, raising the car of luxury dinning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.